Air Quality

Too much or too little humidity can be detrimental to your personal health as well as your home’s structural quality. Bacteria, mold and fungus can grow in places that we least expect. There are many ways you can arm your home against these pesky invaders! We understand that each family/home has their own unique needs (allergies, asthma, etc..) and are able to aid you in choosing what will work best for you.

Zone Controls

Zone controls give you the flexibility to independently control temperatures in different areas of your home. Not having to heat/cool areas of your home that are not used often is a great way to save on energy costs. We also offer a variety of thermostats to control your zones, including programmable and large screen display.

Financing offers valid for estimates $1,000 and above.

What we offer:

  • Whole house humidifiers
  • UV/Germicidal lights
  • Air Cleaners
  • Zone Controls
  • Thermostats
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In May of 2012, readers of a national product testing and research magazine rated American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s air conditioners and heat pumps as the most reliable brand among leading manufacturers.